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Get a responsive design website and avoid search engine penalties while giving your users a better web experience.   We can create a brand new look and feel and put your site in the number one used content management system in the world.   A responsive design website will rank higher and have better engagement and conversion rates for your mobile users.
Google and Bing have both stated that websites that are not mobile friendly will probably slide in the search engine rankings.   The reason is simple, 10% to 25% of typical businesses website traffic is from mobile devices.    A poor mobile device user experience will result in high visitor drop off.
Creating a separate mobile website is a short term solution. Most mobile websites have separate urls and two separate sources of content.  If not done correctly, a mobile website will potentially create duplicate content issues with the search engines.
A responsive design site automatically senses the device and configures the content for an optimized view.   There is only one url to manage. The search engines have stated their preference for responsive design websites.   From the search engine standpoint, there user has a better experience and there are less chances of content issues.
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WSI creates responsive design websites, essentially all new websites that we are doing are responsive.   We also convert existing websites to responsive designs.   
Contact us today to find out more about responsive design websites.

>> There are now more mobile devices than desktop computers using the internet.

>> Consumers now search the web for businesses instead of looking through the phone book.

>> Not having a mobile friendly site could hurt your search engine rankings.

 >> The fastest way to increase sales is being found in local web searches.

>> Local web searches can drive more foot traffic to businesses than the phone book.

>> Prospects are trying to find your business on the web right now.


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