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Why do I get out of area traffic from my localized PPC Campaign?

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 05/02/2012
When doing a local PPC campaign, one would expect that all the hits that you get are from the targeted cities when you review Google analytics. In most cases, you will find a small percentage of AdWords traffic from states well outside your target region. Aren’t these “bad” clicks that should be refunded?

Making the AdWords Ad Stand Out

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 12/18/2011
As I stated in the last blog, 6 years ago you just had to show up. Today you have to stand out. So what are some ways to make your AdWords stand out?

Using Google Modified Broad Match for Pay Per Click

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 03/23/2011
Google modified broad match gives PPC users another dimension in optimizing their pay per click accounts.

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