Will your site get penalized for SEO work?

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 03/21/2012
Recently Google’s Matt Cutts “sort of” announced an algorithm change designed to address overly optimized or “SEO’ed” sites. No one is sure when the algorithm change will take place or if it already has.

Buying Customer Reviews

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 03/20/2012
The latest black hat seo tricks springing up are related to gaining customer reviews on your Google places site or other sites that are considered trusted review sites. There are now companies that are selling customer reviews. These are done by real people who have real Google accounts and give real reviews.

Keywords in the domain name, does it still work?

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 03/13/2012
A micro site is a small site usually 3-8 pages that is focused on a very narrow topic. The most important aspect of the micro site is the domain name. The domain name usually matches a targeted keyword expression. For example the website www.home-healthcare-mn.com matches the keyword expression “home health care mn” which recent data shows 200 to 250 searches per month.

Can a hosted blog solution work for you?

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 03/12/2012
With a little link building and some perseverance, you can make your third party hosted blog a very effective marketing tool.

Is your site punished by Google’s Page Layout Algorithm change?

Posted by: Stephen Petersen Posted Date: 03/03/2012
A while back Google announced that it was “adjusting” its algorithm to address a problem with some sites that carried a lot of banner advertising. Specifically, Google heard complaints from searchers about coming to a website with so many banners advertising that they had to scroll way down before finding the content. Thus Google stated it will be “devaluing” sites that carry so many banner ads that the actual content falls below the fold.

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