Google Penalty Mitigation

If you or your search engine agency did link building by article submission, press releases, directory submission, blog posts or paid links, then there is a good chance that your site has lost traffic due to Google’s Penguin update or worse, got a manual penalty.   WSI can analyze your situation, identify the best course of action and implement a plan that will get you back on your feet with your rankings. 
It’s critical that the proper analysis is done first so that we know precisely what issues to address. Our first step is to review your traffic and ranking history so we can identify if it really was Penguin that affected your site.   There are lots of reasons that your site can see a ranking or traffic drop.  Read our blog post on the topic for more information.
Once we have identified that your site was affected by Penguin we do the following:
·         Use at least 3 sources to identify all the links that are pointing to your site
·         Run these links through a software tool that identifies high risk links
·         Manually review the identified links to insure that they are toxic links and not legitimate links
·         Remove the links
·         Follow up
We will also review all SEO issues that could affect your site.    It is important that we just don’t remove bad links, but supplement this with some link building. Many companies make the mistake of not doing a link building program to help fill the gaps created by the removed links. We can advise you on the best strategies available today to generate natural inbound links that Google likes.
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