E-Commerce to total
$329 billion by 2010,
which represents 13%
of total US sales.
Source: Forrester Research

What is an Internet Marketing Consultant?

An internet marketing consultant is someone who specializes in helping you grow your business through the internet.  Our primary focus is to increase your revenue.  We are business advisors who stay on top of the latest developments in internet marketing.  We understand what will work and what won’t work for your particular business situation. 

We view ourselves as your trusted advisor, who can develop strategies and customized solutions to grow your business and improve your profitability.   We own our own business, so we understand the issues facing  a small business.  You are limited on resources and can’t afford to experiment with every new fad that rampages through the internet.  

We are local, WSI Lakeville focuses on the Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota metro area and we meet regularly with our clients and talk about their business.  Our primary goal is not just to get you a great looking website, nor more traffic nor just better rankings; our primary goal is to increase your revenue and profits and we will use the tools that best fits your business situation. 

When we first meet with a potential client, we do “webscan”.  This is an analysis of the clients existing situation relative to their market, industry and business.  We will help you understand what kind of shape your existing website is in, how search engine friendly is it, how well is it ranking today and what is the potential amount of business to be had on line for your type of business.   
Contact us today for a free webscan or other consultation with an internet marketing consultant.

>> Shoppers use the web to compare local prices before leaving home to buy.

>> Consumers now search the web for businesses instead of looking through the phone book.

>> Web searches generate more in-store sales every day.

>> The fastest way to increase sales is being found in local web searches.

>> Local web searches can drive more foot traffic to businesses than the phone book.

>> Prospects are trying to find your business on the web right now.

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