Let’s start by asking, “Why hire an SEO specialist?” For most businesses the answer is “to make more money.” So an SEO specialist must make money for the customer, now and more in the future. 

Briefly, an SEO specialist tries to get a site ranked as high as possible on targeted search terms.   The effort to do this includes research, analysis, creativity, knowledge and a lot of grunt work. 

What does it take to get ranked on the first page?

Look at the situation from the search engines standpoint.   The search engine wants to give the searcher the best results that will satisfy the searchers inquiry.    The search engine is looking for the site that has the best content and credibility relating to the search term.   Many times you hear about title tags and meta tags and link building and many other techniques that may or may not work. But in my view, what we should be trying to do is help make the site has the best content and credibility relating to the targeted search term.   In my view, we are then making the website a better website for the targeted searcher. 

What is even more important is what does the searcher do when he comes to your site? He could immediately leave, he could bookmark the site for future use, he may be purchase something on line, download a brochure, fill out a request for quote form or he may call you.   Hopefully that visitor translates to sales for your company.   If we get a site ranked number one in a search term, but none of the traffic converts to sales, then we really did not help the business who hired us. So a search engine specialist in my view must also work to get traffic to convert to business results.

So what does a search engine specialist do?    Hopefully make your business more profitable, by bringing targeted traffic to your site and helping you convert that traffic into business.