Publishing well written and informative articles on other websites can be a tremendous boost to your website rankings.   The basic method is to write an article that has some value and then publish it on article sites or other sites that are industry related.   The article body or the resource section of the article should contain links with keyword rich anchor text that is pointing to your site.   This is a great way to generate deep links to your site.   Here are some guidelines that I follow:
  •  No more than two links to your site within the article, any more and the benefit is diluted.
  •  Well written informative articles – with your target market in mind
  •  Ideally try to publish the article on a website that Google considers to be authoritative.  
  • There are article publishing sites, but submitting the same article to multiple sites really doesn’t do you any good and may even harm you.
  • If you publish on more than one site, rewrite the article so the search engines don’t view it as duplicate content.
  • Giving your published article a little boost such as tweeting, blogging or promoting it with other social media sites will improve the results and keep the benefits longer.
If you are not sure where to publish it, one safe, reliable article site is, they allow you to publish 10 articles for free, and if they deem you and expert author, you can submit as many as you want.