We are seeing a lot of content on the internet showing you how to merge your Google Places with your Google Plus account. Many companies are having a lot of issues with both theirGoogle Places and Google Plus listing and are trying to at least get them merged.  According to Mike Blumenthal LocalU Advanced. Baltimore, it is best to not try to merge these accounts yourself. Google plus and Google places will be automatically merged by Google at some point. There may be some temptation to try to handle this merge yourself, but the prevalent advice: if you have both an active Google places account and a Google plus account – let Google handle the merge.
For a little history, Google Places has been around for several years.   It was your local listing profile in Google. You did not (and still don’t) have to create a Google Places account:  if you been around a while Google would scrap data from local directories and create one on its own.    There is a procedure to claim a Google Places listing into your own account. This is highly recommended as you can furnish needed information to enhance and clarify this listing.
A couple of years ago Google introduced Google Plus which was its second foray into the social media market. It was set up to be more like facebook.   For awhile Google Places and Google Plus were completely separate.  One would have to set up a Google places account for local listing and a Google Plus page for social media. 
A couple years ago Google decided to start merging the two, trying to leverage its search engine dominance to gain market share on social media.   Google Places listings started to show instead of the Google Places listing for a local search, but you were still allowed to create Google Places separate from a Google Plus account. Quite frankly this ended up being a real mess for Google. They had a huge amount of problems with Google Places account data integrity and no correlation to existing Google Plus business page. In effect there were 2 separate pipelines of information. There are a myriad of technical issues that Google is working its way through.
Internet marketers and businesses began trying to merge the two listings on their own. We believe that this is being done with limited success and many businesses are creating even a bigger mess by trying to do so.  Even if you are successful now, there is a possibility that Google’s merging activity could “undo” your efforts.  The advice from LocalU Advanced – Baltimore- Let Google do it themselves, unless there is an overwhelming reason to do this, you will have a lot less headaches down the road.  Continue to update Google Places and ad pictures to both accounts if you wish, but let Google handle the merge.