Google adwords users should find a couple new features very useful for analyzing traffic and refining adwords campaigns.   You can now include analytics data in the PPC reports and you can bring in Google webmaster tools data into the reports.
By bringing Google Analytics data into the PPC reports one can look at engagement metrics on the site along with your normal pay per click metrics.   This means that you can look at bounce rate and page per visit with each keyword.   I find these two engagement metrics as very crucial in evaluating PPC keywords, particularly for lower traffic keywords where conversion data is limited. For example you might find a keyword with 25 clicks but no conversions, should you lower the bid or not bid? 25 clicks is really not enough data to make a sound statistical decision, but let’s say the bounce rate is 90%. In this case one should immediately take some action or at least investigate.
By bring Google webmaster tools data into your adwords reports; one can look at PPC and Organic metrics of your critical keywords side by side.  One may find that you are paying lot of money for a keyword that you are ranking #1 on organically.   Some users may decide to reduce bid on that keyword, although I don’t necessarily agree with that strategy.   Conversely you may find decent PPC words with very poor organic ranking. In this case you may decide to try to improve ranking to see if you can get both PPC and organic on the first page.
In order to activate these features, you first need an active Google analytics account and a webmaster account with a verified website. To link in your analytics account you should first log into your Google analytics and go to the admin section.  Under the account section in the new user interface you will find a Linked adwords section. You need to click on that and link the adwords account to your analytics account. Then you need to log into your adwords account and go to My Account>Linked accounts, here you will find available accounts to link to. You can also link in your Webmaster account in this screen.
Once you link your analytics account, you need to go to your keyword report section and customize the columns.   You can look at webmaster data by clicking on dimensions and selecting “Paid and organic”.
One difference between linking in the analytics account versus the webmaster account is that the analytics data will go back as far as you had analytics in place where as the webmaster data only gives you data from the timeframe the webmaster account was linked in.