As I stated in the last blog, 6 years ago you just had to show up. Today you have to stand out. So what are some ways to make your AdWords stand out?
Here are my top elements:
First make sure the key word is in the title of your ad.   A searcher is looking or listings that match the keyword, nothing stands out more than having the keyword phrase in the title. This usually means dividing your campaign into more ad groups or possible using dynamic keyword insertion.
Second is to make sure that your ad has an intriguing or specific offer. Easier said than done when you are limited to 35 spaces per line, but Just saying something like “great prices” or “good quality” is not enough.   “Guaranteed best price” or “one year warranty” are examples of offers that are more enticing.
Put a keyword or related word in the URL display.   This is a proven technique to increasing click through rate.
Use extensions: Google allows you to add some information to your ad;   could be Product extensions from your merchant account, site links, and phone or address extensions. A significant percentage of searchers still don’t trust or understand the AdWords ads because they think it is spam. Showing a phone number or an address tends to alleviate this credibility issue.