Google offers a new feature for your local search listing. For a $25.00 per month fee, you can add a “tag” on your search listing with a call to action. An example of what the tagging looks like is here:
The tag can be anything you want, you can create a coupon or you can create a call to action such as a “limited time special”, “park free on Mondays” etc.   I have been experimenting with a few sites and it looks like just having a tag “visit our website” can generate 20% to 30% more clicks to the website. I suspect that if you use an enticing call to action you could get the percentage up more.
The data I have is pretty limited and it’s on sites that appear to be the only ones using the tag feature in the listings. Since this tag feature is so new, I suspect anyone trying now should get some benefit from being the first one in, but these things tend to catch on pretty quickly. My suspicion is that these clicks through improvements will dwindle when all your competitors are tagging as well. 
Currently Google is offering the first month free, so there really isn’t any risk in trying it, and $25.00 per month is not much for most businesses.   It’s worth a try.