A couple of months ago, Google revealed the use of the “news Meta tag” to help news items on your site get identified as a news release and perhaps showing up in the Google news searches.   The meta tag is very easy to implement, just put this code in the header of the corresponding page:
<meta name="news_keywords" content="keyword 1, keyword 2, etc"> Where the keyword are used to classify the topic of the news item. For example if your news was update to one of your businesses that was caught in hurricane Sandy, “Hurricane Sandy Damage” could be a keyword, if your location was in New Jersey then you could try using “New Jersey Business”
The meta tag would look like this:
<meta name="news_keywords" content=" Hurricane Sandy Damage, New Jersey Business, Retail ">
Putting this meta tag on your web page doesn’t guarantee high rankings, but it is simple to do and we believe that Google pays attention to it.   Again, quality and freshness of content should be your first goal.