Getting visitors to your landing page is about 10% of the battle when doing pay per click. The visitor needs to take action in order for you to profit. That could be buying a product, requesting a quote, signing up for a newsletter, calling customer service or requesting more information. Your company is not in the business of collecting clicks.
The savvy marketers will create landing pages narrowly focused on the keyword theme in the ad group. They will probably experiment with several versions of landing pages to get the best conversion rate.
Here are some elements that I believe are important:
-          Keyword to appear in the page headline.   Make sure that the visitor immediately sees that your page is relevant to the searchers request.
-          A few compelling bullet points with a strong call to action
o   List a couple of specific claims– (Ie “25000 products sold last month”), or “Rated best quality by Forbes”. Generalities in your claims or offers tend to be viewed with more skepticism than specific claims.
o   Make sure you are offering something that is valuable to the visitor.  Avoid the “me” factor – don’t talk about yourself, talk about how your visitor benefits from your product or service.
o   Your final line should be a call to action that pique interest and compels the visitor to take action. Make sure you tell the visitor exactly what they should do next.
-          Compelling Images that include people if possible.   People are drawn to other people. Depicting a person that is enjoying or benefiting from your product creates a higher level of interest than just showing the product.   Also avoid stock photos, most people have seen a thousand of them, spend the money on to get your own pictures with your own products.
Finally, deep things clean, simple and uncluttered. A properly sized image that does not overwhelm the page combined with just a few bullet points can make a nice clean page that will help turn your visits into profits.