E-Commerce to total
$329 billion by 2010,
which represents 13%
of total US sales.
Source: Forrester Research

Social Media Optimization Services

Social Media has experienced a phenomenal growth over the last few years.  Networking has long been a tool for businesses and business owners to gain referrals.  Social Media on the Internet is networking on steroids.  Facebook has over 500 million users and the fastest growing demographic are people over 25 years old and older.  You Tube has the second largest search traffic behind Google. Businesses can’t afford to ignore these trends.

Social Media is being used by businesses for branding, community awareness, lead generation, viral marketing, recruiting and search engine domination.  WSI will determine the most effective social media strategy for your business and help you exploit social media to help achieve your  marketing goals.

5 reasons you need social media, even if you hate social media.

Contact us today to speak to an Internet Consultant about our social media optimization services.

>> Shoppers use the web to compare local prices before leaving home to buy.

>> Consumers now search the web for businesses instead of looking through the phone book.

>> Web searches generate more in-store sales every day.

>> The fastest way to increase sales is being found in local web searches.

>> Local web searches can drive more foot traffic to businesses than the phone book.

>> Prospects are trying to find your business on the web right now.

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