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Why Use Our SEO Services?

What distinguishes WSI Lakeville from the hundreds of other SEO firms that are fighting for your business?   There are many good firms out there and there a few “bad” firms around as well.  We believe that the following characteristics set us apart from most of our competition:

  • Face to face meetings:  These meetings can be monthly or quarterly, but they always start with your business results- everything we try to do is based on getting you more business.  Many firms will send you a “ranking report” and be done with it. Our services are much more holistic and inclusive.  This is why we tend to focus on businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  We want to meet with clients and look them in the eye when reviewing results.
  • Transparency:  We tell our clients exactly what we are doing, and why we think it will benefit them.  Many of our competitors will try to make you think that they are doing all these “proprietary” things in the background.  Most of the time these things are bogus, they are charging you for nothing.
  • Comprehensive Services: We wrap a lot of services up into our monthly packages, this includes updating and maintaining website content, comprehensive analysis of the traffic, review of your ranking, PR services such as blogging, articles and press releases.  We are your trusted business advisors and will perform research and analysis that sometimes is a little outside the scope of Internet Marketing.
  • Value:  The first three bullet points add up to a lot of value to you.  Our focus is getting you more business.  You may able to find SEO companies that charge less (but what are you getting?), We find that most of the SEO firms that are coming close to the value that we provide are charging significantly more.
  • Consultant vs. Sales Person:  We don’t have a “pocket full” of products that we are trying to sell, our fee is fixed in most cases; we will tell you if there is a commission.  Our goal is to get you more business.

What should you be wary of when researching a SEO firm?

There are many good, honest and reputable SEO firms out there; we don’t want to mislead people by implying that we are the only solution for you.  However, we have come across many SEO businesses that are not going to provide you value.  Some of these firms have not kept up to date and are using techniques that don’t work any more; others are simply relying on their clients not having a clue on what SEO is.  You will pay them a lot of money and not get much return.  Here are SEO companies that you should stay away from:

  • Firms that “guarantee” top ranking in days:  This is a good sales pitch, but unfortunately most of the time the search terms that are being guaranteed are trivial and won’t do a thing for your business.  It is very easy to get someone ranked in a search term that no one is searching for.  It may look impressive, but you end up getting nothing.
  • Firms that promote automated submission:  The pitch goes something like this, “we submit your site to all the search engines on a regular basis”.  This technique does not work any more; search engines hate automated submission services- they will state right on their website not to use these services.  Once a search engine finds your site, you don’t need to submit to them any more.  You are better off making your site easier for search engines to read and providing them with lots of great content to index.
  • SEO Companies that use deceptive techniques:  Any technique that is trying to “fool” or “mislead” a search engine is really a time bomb ready to blow up in your face.  Common techniques are redirecting, hidden text, cloaking, keyword stuffing, and multiple redundant websites.  Any thing that attempts to provide the search engine with different content than what the visitor sees should be scrutinized.  There may legitimate reasons for doing some of these techniques, but you need to be very cautious and really understand what is being done.  The best strategy is to build an informative, interactive, interesting website, and keep improving it.  Using misleading techniques can end up getting your site banned, and in most cases, these techniques don’t even work anymore so why take those chances?
  • SEO Firms that have an “in” with Google:  Many SEO companies will do some name dropping and imply that maybe they have a special “in” with Google.   No one is getting preferential treatment from Google or any other search engine.  Many companies do have relationships with Google and joint projects that are legitimate and may be of value to explore.  But that value does not extend to organic rankings or preferred search ad placements.
  • SEO Firms that claim they have a special “trick” to get top rankings: Our experience shows that the “special trick” is really getting your business with out giving you any value.   Google wants to deliver the best search results possible to their customers, the searcher.  Algorithms are constantly being updated to guard against  “tricks”.  In all likelihood the special trick will get your site banned.

The bottom line is that SEO revolves around creating a search engine friendly site,  building quality inbound links, and creating quality up to date content.  Yes there is some code and structure work that a good SEO specialist will need work on, but anyone who is trying to sell you automated “stuff” going on in the background might be trying to sell you snake oil.

Contact us today to find out what a reputable SEO services firm can do for you.

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